Lexicon: weary – wedge

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weary (wearied), v. [OE.] (webplay: harass, fatigue, tire).

Tire; belabor; work out; make fatigued; cause to slow down; diminish energy by toil; [fig.] shut down; put to sleep; cause to rest.

weather, n. [OE weder.]

  1. Climate; prediction of rain or sun; temperature and precipitation forecast; state of the atmosphere with regard to life on earth; [fig.] topic of conversation.
  2. Phrase. “Weather worn”: battered by elements; weary from exposure to wind, rain, cold, and so forth; [fig.] weary; stressed; strained.

weave (-s, wove, woven), v. [OE.] (webplay: birds, nests, loom).

  1. Thread; unite; insert; interlace; intertwine; piece together; combine into cloth with a loom; [fig.] fabricate; cause to grow.
  2. Reconnect; reunite; restore.
  3. Make; create; establish; furnish; set up.

weaver, n. [see weave, n.] (webplay: breadth, close, laid, threads).

Textile artisan; one who makes cloth; [fig.] Creator; Lord; Nature Deity; Maker of heaven and earth.

web, n. [OE web.]

Tapestry; fabric; material; [fig.] complexity; interconnectedness; [metaphor] design; purpose.

we'd, pron. [contracted form; see we, pron. and would, v.]

We would.

wed, v. [OE, 'pledge'.] (webplay: day, first, live, men, pledge, wife).

  1. Get married; have a spouse; [fig.] take a serious vow; become closely involved with someone.
  2. Marry; betroth; espouse; contract in matrimony; give in marriage as wife and husband; seal together in a legal family unit by means of a formal ceremony and a written document; [fig.] unite forever in a covenant with one's beloved.
  3. Join; unify; [fig.] make as one spiritually; attach by deep affection; bind by a promise; link by a common experience; endow with a new higher status.

wedding, verbal n. [see wed, v.] (webplay: day, marrying, uniting).

Nuptial; marriage celebration; feast for the bride and bridegroom; [fig.] party; harmonious gathering of elements in Nature.

wedge, n. [OE wecg.] (webplay: crowd).

Separating tool; triangular shaped piece of metal used for splitting; [fig.] contention; shunning; ostracizing; misunderstanding.

wedge (-d), v. [see wedge, n.] (webplay: way).

  1. Lodge; stick; settle into.
  2. Interpose; intervene; interject.