Lexicon: yellow – Yorkshire

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yellow, n. [see yellow, adj.] (webplay: color, gold, light, word).

Gold; bright color; hue that reflects the most light, next to white; [fig.] ray of sunset glow.

yesterday, adv. [OE gystran daeg.] (webplay: fool, know, last, lighted, night).

  1. In a preceding time period; during the time before now; [fig.] at the time of past trauma.
  2. Earlier; in the past; before the present time.

yesterday (-s, -'s), n. [see yesterday, adv.] (webplay: know, last, letters, night, past, used, understood, went, word).

Preceding time period; time before now; [fig.] bad memory; past traumatic experience.

yestermorn, adv. [see yesterday, adv. and morn, n.]

The morning before; the previous day before noon.

yet, conj. [OE gíet.] (webplay: becomes, come, comparison, degree, do, even, expected, glory, go, heard, however, kind, least, less, longer, man, new, nothing, remaining, same, soon, spirit, state, still, time, words).

  1. Nevertheless; notwithstanding.
  2. In continuation.
  3. But.
  4. Still; in the near future; in fulfillment of hope.

yield (-eth, -s), v. [OE gieldan.] (webplay: tell).

  1. Give up.
  2. Produce; make; manufacture.
  3. Succumb; surrender; give in; [fig.] die; cease; be lost; no longer exist.
  4. Control; attract; demand attention of.
  5. Return; pay; give again.
  6. Forbid; denounce; disapprove of.

yielding, n. [see yield, v.]

Surrender; resignation; capitulation; ceding; giving in; reluctantly agreeing; [fig.] exhaling; dying; expiration; releasing; departure; letting go of life.

yonder, adj. [See yonder, adv.]

Away; distant; remote.

yonder, adv. [ME < Old Saxon gendra, on this side.] (webplay: eye, flowery, hand, woman).

There; far away; at a distance; away from here.

Yorkshire, proper n. [“York” < OE < L. Eboracum + wic, dwelling + “shire” < Old Germanic root ski, to shine.]

County in England; province of York; capital city of northern England (see ED letters); [fig.] highland; rolling; beautiful; inspiring.