Lexicon: you – youth

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you (you'd, you'll, you're, you've), pron. [OE ieow; see thou; second person in nominative or objective case, originally the plural form, but now singular or plural.]

  1. [Objective singular; object of a preposition] thee.
  2. [Nominative singular; direct address to a person or an entity] thou.
  3. [Objective singular; direct object] thee.
  4. [Objective singular; indirect object] to thee.
  5. [Objective singular or plural; direct object; indirect object, or object of a preposition.]
  6. [Nominative singular or plural; direct address to a person, entity, cluster, or group of people.]

young, adj. [OE geong; early in years; youthful.] (webplay: born, certain, child, first, growth, living, makes, man, old, take).

  1. Firm; strong; unyielding; [fig.] proud; stubborn; naive; immature.
  2. Vibrant; lively; carefree.
  3. Ignorant; innocent; inexperienced.

your, adj. [OE eower, originally plural genitive of ye; now genitive case of the second person, singular or plural; see thy.] (webplay: approach, distance, fair, familiar, looks, lover, parting, person, rock, second, single, solemn, in vain, winds, you wish).

  1. [Genitive singular] thy.
  2. [Genitive singular or plural.]

yours (your's), pron. [see you and your; genitive case of the second person, singular or plural.] Thine; the one belonging to you.

  1. [Genitive singular] thine.
  2. [Genitive singular or plural.]

yourself, n. [ME; see your and self.] (webplay: do).

Thyself; [second person singular in the nominative or objective case, in the reflexive form.]

youth, n. [OE; see young.] (webplay: days, first, life, yearly).

  1. Newness; freshness; prime of life; [fig.] restoration; renovation; resurrection; new life; eternal existence; everlasting state of being; glorified and perfected body.
  2. Youngness; early adulthood; optimal age; [fig.] beginning; commencement; genesis.