Definition for IN-A-BIL'I-TY

IN-A-BIL'I-TY, n. [Fr. inhabilité; L. inhabilis; in and habilis, Norm. hable, able.]

  1. Want of sufficient physical power or strength; as, the inability of a man to raise an arm or a leg.
  2. Want of adequate means; as, an inability to purchase a farm, or to fit out a ship.
  3. Want of moral power. Moral inability is considered to be want of inclination, disposition or will, or a deep-rooted aversion to act, and therefore improperly so called. Moral inability aggravates our guilt. Scott.
  4. Want of intellectual strength or force; as, an inability to comprehend a mathematical demonstration.
  5. Want of knowledge or skill; as, an inability to read or write.

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