Definition for IN-JUNC'TION

IN-JUNC'TION, n. [L. injunctio, from injungo, to enjoin; in and jungo, to join.]

  1. A command; order; precept; the direction of a superior vested with authority. For still they knew, and ought t' have still remembered / The high injunction, not to taste that fruit. Milton.
  2. Urgent advice or exhortation of persons not vested with absolute authority to command.
  3. In law, a writ or order of the court of chancery, directed to an inferior court, or to parties and their counsel, directing them to stay proceedings, or to do some act, as to put the plaintif in possession for want of the defendant's appearance, to stay waste or other injury, &c. When the reason for granting an injunction ceases, the injunction is dissolved. Blackstone.

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