Definition for IN-SCRIBE'

IN-SCRIBE', v.t. [L. inscribo; in and scribo, to write, Eng. to scrape. See Scribe.]

  1. To write on; to engrave on for perpetuity or duration; as, to inscribe a line or verse on a monument, on a column, or pillar.
  2. To imprint on; as, to inscribe any thing on the mind or memory.
  3. To assign or address to; to commend to by a short address, less formal than a dedication; as, to inscribe an ode or a gook to a prince.
  4. To mark with letters, characters or words; as, to inscribe a stone with a name.
  5. To draw a figure within another, so that all the angles of the figure inscribed touch the angles, sides or planes of the other figure. Johnson. Encyc.

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