Definition for NAME

NAME, v.t. [Sax. naman, nemnan, Goth. namnyan, to call, to name, to invoke; D. noemen; G. nennen; Sw. nämna; Dan. nævner.]

  1. To set or give to any person or thing a sound or combination of sounds by which it may be known and distinguished; to call; to give an appellation to. She named the child Ichabod. I Sam. iv. Thus was the building left / Ridiculous, and the work confusion named. Milton.
  2. To mention by name; to utter or pronounce the sound or sounds by which a person or thing is known and distinguished. Neither use thyself to the naming of the Holy One. Ecclus.
  3. To nominate; to designate for any purpose by name. Thou shalt anoint to me him whom I name to thee. 1 Sam. xvi.
  4. To entitle. Milton. To name the name of Christ, to make profession of faith in him. 2 Tim. iv.

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