Definition for NE-GO'TIATE

NE-GO'TIATE, v.i. [nego'shate; L. negotior; It. negoziare; Sp. negociar; Fr. negocier; from L. negotium, business, employment; W. neges, an errand, business; negeseua, to go on errands, to negotiate.]

  1. To transact business; to treat with another respecting purchase and sale; to hold intercourse in bargaining or trade, either in person or by a broker or substitute; as, to negotiate with a man for the purchase of goods or a farm.
  2. To hold intercourse with another respecting a treaty, league or convention; to treat with respecting peace or commerce. It is a crime for an embassador to betray his prince for whom he should negotiate. Decay of Piety.

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