Definition for EL'E-VATE

EL'E-VATE, v.t. [L. elevo; e and levo, to raise; Fr. elever; Sp. elevar; It. elevare; Eng. to lift. See Lift.]

  1. To raise, in a literal and general sense to raise from a low or deep place to a higher.
  2. To exalt; to raise to a higher state or station; as, to elevate a man to an office.
  3. To improve, refine or dignify; to raise from or above low conceptions; as, to elevate the mind.
  4. To raise from a low or common state; to exalt; as, deuce the character; to elevate a nation.
  5. To elate with pride. Milton.
  6. To excite; to cheer; to animate; as, to elevate the spirits.
  7. To take from; to detract; to lessen by detraction. [Not used.] Hooker.
  8. To raise from any tone to one more acute; as, to elevate the voice.
  9. To augment or swell; to make louder, as sound.

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