Definition for EM'BLEM

EM'BLEM, n. [Gr. εμβλημα, from εμβαλλω, to cast in, to insert.]

  1. Properly, inlay; inlayed or mosaic work; something inserted in the body of another.
  2. A picture representing one thing to the eye, and another to the understanding; a painted enigma, or a figure representing some obvious history, instructing us in some moral truth. Such is the image of Scævola holding his hand in the fire, with these words, “agere et pati fortiter Romanum est,” to do and to suffer with fortitude is Roman. Encyc.
  3. A painting or representation, intended to hold forth some moral or political instruction; an allusive picture; a typical designation. A balance is an emblem of justice; a crown is the emblem of royalty; a scepter, of power or sovereignty.
  4. That which represents another thing in its predominant qualities. A white robe in Scripture is an emblem of purity or righteousness; baptism, of purification.

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