Definition for EMP'TY

EMP'TY, a. [Sax. æmtig or æmti, from æmtian, to be idle, to be vacant, to evacuate, æmta, ease, leisure, quiet.]

  1. Containing nothing, or nothing but air; as, an empty chest; empty space; an empty purse is a serious evil.
  2. Evacuated; not filled; as, empty shackles. Spenser.
  3. Unfurnished; as, an empty room.
  4. Void; devoid. In civility, thou seemest so empty. Shak.
  5. Void; destitute of solid matter; as, empty air.
  6. Destitute of force or effect; as, empty words.
  7. Unsubstantial; unsatisfactory; not able to fill the mind or the desires. The pleasures of life are empty and unsatisfying. Pleased with empty praise. Pope.
  8. Not supplied; having nothing to carry. They beat him, and sent him away empty. Mark xii.
  9. Hungry. My falcon now is sharp and passing empty. Shak.
  10. Unfurnished with intellect or knowledge; vacant of head; ignorant; as, an empty coxcomb.
  11. Unfruitful; producing nothing. Israel is an empty vine. Hosea x. Seven empty ears blasted with the east wind. Gen. xii.
  12. Wanting substance; wanting solidity; as, empty dreams.
  13. Destitute; waste; desolate. Nineveh is empty. Nah. ii.
  14. Without effect. The sword of Saul returned not empty. 2 Sam. i.
  15. Without a cargo; in ballast; as, the ship returned empty.

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