Definition for EN-COUNT'ER

EN-COUNT'ER, n. [Fr. encontre, en and contre, L. contra, against, or rather rencontre; Sp. encuentro; Port. encontro; It. incontro.]

  1. A meeting, particularly a sudden or accidental meeting of two or more persons. To shun th' encounter of the vulgar crowd. Pope.
  2. A meeting in contest; a single combat, on a sudden meeting of parties; sometimes less properly, a duel.
  3. A fight; a conflict; a skirmish; a battle; but more generally, a fight between a small number of men, or an accidental meeting and fighting of detachments, rather than a set battle or general engagement.
  4. Eager and warm conversation, either in love or anger. Shak.
  5. A sudden or unexpected address or accosting. Shak.
  6. Occasion; casual incident. [Unusual.] Pope.

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