Definition for EN-COUNT'ER

EN-COUNT'ER, v.t. [Sp. and Port. encontrar; It. incontrare; Fr. rencontrer.]

  1. To meet face to face; particularly, to meet suddenly or unexpectedly. [This sense is now uncommon, but still in use.]
  2. To meet in opposition, or in a hostile manner; to rush against in conflict; to engage with in battle; as, two armies encounter each other.
  3. To meet and strive to remove or surmount; as, to encounter obstacles, impediments or difficulties.
  4. To meet and oppose; to resist; to attack and attempt to confute; as, to encounter the arguments of opponents. Acts xvii. 18.
  5. To meet as an obstacle. Which ever way the infidel turns, he encounters clear evidence of the divine origin of the Scriptures.
  6. To oppose; to oppugn. Hale.
  7. To meet in mutual kindness. [Little used.] Shak.

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