Definition for EN'E-MY

EN'E-MY, n. [Fr. ennemi; Sp. enemigo; It. nemico; Ir. nahma; from L. inimicus; in neg. and amicus, friend.]

  1. A foe; an adversary. A private enemy is one who hates another and wishes him injury, or attempts to do him injury to gratify his own malice or ill will. A public enemy or foe, is one who belongs to a nation or party, at war with another. I say to you, love your enemies. Matth. v. Enemies, in war; in peace, friends. Declaration of Independence.
  2. One who hates or dislikes; as, an enemy to truth or falsehood.
  3. In theology, and by way of eminence, the enemy is the Devil; the archfiend.
  4. In military affairs, the opposing army or naval force in war, is called the enemy.

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