Definition for EN'ER-GY

EN'ER-GY, n. [Gr. ενεργεια; εν and εργον, work.]

  1. Internal or inherent power; the power of operating, whether exerted or not; as, men possessing energies sometimes suffer them to lie inactive. Danger will rouse the dormant energies of our natures into action.
  2. Power exerted; vigorous operation; force; vigor. God, by his Almighty energy, called the universe into existence. The administration of the laws requires energy in the magistrate.
  3. Effectual operation; efficacy; strength or force producing the effect. Beg the blessed Jesus to give an energy to your imperfect prayers, by his most powerful intercession. Smalridge.
  4. Strength of expression; force of utterance; life; spirit; emphasis. The language of Lord Chatham is remarkable for its energy.

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