Definition for EN-TIRE'

EN-TIRE', a. [Fr. entier; Sp. entero; Port. inteiro; It. intero; Arm. anterin; L. integer, said to be in neg. and tango, to touch. Qu.]

  1. Whole; undivided; unbroken; complete in its parts.
  2. Whole; complete; not participated with others. The man has the entire control of the business.
  3. Full; complete; comprising all requisites in itself. An action is entire, when it is complete in all its parts. Spectator.
  4. Sincere; hearty. He run a course more entire with the king of Arragon. Bacon.
  5. Firm; solid; sure; fixed; complete; undisputed. Entire and sure the monarch's rule must prove, / Who founds her greatness on her subjects' love. Prior.
  6. Unmingled; unalloyed. In thy presence joy entire. Milton.
  7. Wholly devoted; firmly adherent; faithful. No man had a heart more entire to the king. Clarendon.
  8. In full strength; unbroken. Spenser.
  9. In botany, an entire stem is one without branches; an entire leaf is without any opening in the edge, not divided. Martyn.

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