Definition for EX'E-CUTE

EX'E-CUTE, v.t. [Fr. executer; It. eseguire; Sp. executar; L. exequor, for exsequor; ex and sequor, to follow. See Seek.]

  1. Literally, to follow out or through. Hence, to perform; to do; to effect; to carry into complete effect; to complete; to finish. We execute a purpose, a plan, design, or scheme; we execute a work undertaken, that is, we pursue it to the end.
  2. To perform; to inflict; as, to execute judgment or vengeance. Scripture.
  3. To carry into effect; as, to execute law or justice.
  4. To carry into effect the law, or the judgment or sentence on a person; to inflict capital punishment on; to put to death; as, to execute a traitor.
  5. To kill. Shak.
  6. To complete, as a legal instrument; to perform what required to give validity to a writing, as by signing and sealing; as, to execute a deed or lease.

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