Definition for EX'ER-CISE

EX'ER-CISE, n. [s as z. L. exercitium, from exerceo; ex and the root of Gr. εργον, Eng. work; Fr. exercice; Sp. exercicio; It. esercizio. In a general sense, any kind of work, labor, or exertion of body. Hence,]

  1. Use; practice; the exertions and movements customary in the performance of business; as, the exercise of an art, trade, occupation, or profession.
  2. Practice; performance; as, the exercise of religion.
  3. Use; employment; exertion; as, the exercise of the eyes, or of the senses, or of any power of body or mind.
  4. Exertion of the body, as conducive to health; action; motion, by labor, walking, riding, or other exertion. The wise for cure on exercise depend. Dryden.
  5. Exertion of the body for amusement, or for instruction; the habitual use of the limbs for acquiring an art, dexterity, or grace, as in fencing, dancing, riding; or the exertion of the muscles for invigorating the body.
  6. Exertion of the body and mind, or faculties for improvement, as in oratory, in painting or statuary.
  7. Use or practice to acquire skill; preparatory practice. Military exercises consist in using arms, in motions, marches, and evolutions. Naval exercise consists in the use or management of artillery, and in the evolutions of fleets.
  8. Exertion of the mind; application of the mental powers.
  9. Task; that which is appointed for one to perform. Milton.
  10. Act of divine worship. Shak.
  11. A lesson or example for practice.

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