Definition for EX-TRAV'A-GANCE, or EX-TRAV'A-GAN-CY

EX-TRAV'A-GANCE, or EX-TRAV'A-GAN-CY, n. [L. extra and vagans; vagor, to wander. See Vague.]

  1. Literally, a wandering beyond a limit; an excursion or sally from the usual way, course or limit. Hammond.
  2. In writing or discourse, a going beyond the limits of strict truth, or probability; as, extravagance of expression or description.
  3. Excess of affection, passion or appetite; as, extravagance of love, anger, hatred, or hunger.
  4. Excess in expenditures of property; the expending of money without necessity, or beyond what is reasonable or proper; dissipation. The income of three dukes was not enough to supply her extravagance. Arbuthnot.
  5. In general, any excess or wandering from prescribed limits; irregularity; wildness; as, the extravagance of imagination; extravagance of claims or demands.

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