Definition for BE-STOW'MENT


  1. The act of giving gratuitously; a conferring. God the father had committed the bestowment of the blessings purchased, to his son. – Edwards on Redemp. 372. If we consider this bestowment of gifts in this view. – Chauncey, U. Sal. 155. Whatever may be the secret counsel of his will respecting his own bestowment of saving grace. – Smalley, Serm. p. 37.
  2. That which is conferred, or given; donation. They strengthened his hands by their liberal bestowments on him and his family. – Christ. Mag. iii. 665. The free and munificent bestowment of the Sovereign Judge. – Thodey. [Bestowment is preferable to bestowal, on account of the concurrence of the two vowels in bestowal.]

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