Definition for BOOT'

BOOT', v.t. [Sax. bot, bote, reparation, satisfaction, a making good, amends; Goth. botyan, to profit or help; Sw. böt, a fine; D. boete, fine, penalty, repentance; boeten, to amend, or repair; G. busse, boot, fine, penance; büssen, to amend; Dan. bödder, to repair, or requite; böder, to expiate, or make atonement; W. buz, profit; buziaw, to profit. We observe this word is from the root of better, denoting more, or advance; Eng. but. The primary sense of the root is to advance, or carry forward.]

  1. To profit; to advantage. It shall not boot them. – Hooker. But more generally followed by it, – what boots it? Indeed it is seldom used, except in the latter phrase.
  2. To enrich, to benefit. I will boot thee. [Obs.] – Shak.

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