Definition for BUCK

BUCK, n.2 [Sax. buc, bucca; D. bok; Ger. and Sw. bock; Sp. boque; W. bwç; It. becco. This Italian word signifies a bill or beak, the mouth, the helm of a ship, the pipe of a still, and a buck. We see it is the same word as beak, from thrusting; Dan. buk, whence bukker, to ram or thrust piles. Ir. boc or poc; Corn. byk; Fr. bouc; Arm. bouch; Kalmuc, bugn, a stag. Qu. Eth. በሐከ bahak, the male of sheep or goats.]

  1. The male of the fallow deer, of the goat, the sheep, the rabbit, and hare. It is applied only to the smaller quadrupeds.
  2. A libertine.

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