Definition for SA-LUTE'

SA-LUTE', n.

  1. The act of expressing kind wishes or respect; salutation; greeting. – South. Addison.
  2. A kiss. – Roscommon.
  3. In military affairs, a discharge of cannon or small arms in honor of some distinguished personage. A salute is sometimes performed by lowering the colors or beating the drums. The officers also salute each other by bowing their half pikes. – Encyc.
  4. In the navy, a testimony of respect or deference rendered by the ships of one nation to the ships of another, or by ships of the same nation to a superior or equal. This is performed by a discharge of cannon, volleys of small arms, striking the colors or top-sails, or by shouts of the seamen mounted on the masts or rigging. When two squadrons meet, the two chiefs only are to exchange salutes. – Encyc.

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