Definition for SAN'DA-RAC, or SAN'DA-RACH

SAN'DA-RAC, or SAN'DA-RACH, n. [L. sandaraca; Ar. سندروس sandros.]

  1. A resin in white tears, more transparent than those of mastic. There is reason to think that the produce of different plants takes this name when it has the same external characters; but what may more properly be called sandarach is believed to be the produce of Callitris quadrivalvis of Roxburgh, and Thyia articulata of Vahl. It is used in powder, and mingled with a little chalk, to prevent ink from sinking or spreading on paper. This is the substance denoted by the Arabic word, and it is also called varnish, as it enters into the preparations of varnish.
  2. A native fossil; also, the combination of arsenic and sulphur, called realgar, which is the protosulphuret of arsenic.

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