Definition for SAT-IS-FAC'TION

SAT-IS-FAC'TION, n. [Fr. from L. satisfactio; It. soddisfazione. See Satisfy.]

  1. That state of the mind which results from the full gratification of desire; repose of mind or contentment with present possession and enjoyment. Sensual pleasure affords no permanent satisfaction.
  2. The act of pleasing or gratifying. The mind having a power to suspend the execution and satisfaction of its desires … – Locke.
  3. Repose of the mind on the certainty of any thing; that state which results from relief from suspense, doubt or uncertainty; conviction. What satisfaction can you have? – Shak.
  4. Gratification; that which pleases. Exchanging solid quiet to obtain / The windy satisfaction of the brain. – Dryden.
  5. That which satisfies amends; recompense; compensation; indemnification; atonement. Satisfaction for damages, must be an equivalent; but satisfaction in many cases, may consist in concession or apology.
  6. Payment; discharge; as, to receive a sum in full satisfaction of a debt; to enter satisfaction on record.

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