Definition for SCAF'FOLD

SCAF'FOLD, n. [Fr. echafaud; Arm. chafod; Ir. scafal; It. scaffale; D. schavot; G. schafot; Dan. skafot; perhaps from the root of shape, as form is used for bench. The last syllable is the L. fala. In Cornish, skaval is a bench or stool, and this word, schavot, in Dutch, signifies a tailor's bench, as well as a scaffold.]

  1. Among builders, an assemblage or structure of timbers, boards or planks, erected by the wall of a building to support the workmen.
  2. A temporary gallery or stage raised either for shows or spectators. – Milton.
  3. A stage or elevated platform for the execution of a criminal. – Sidney.

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