Definition for SCRATCH

SCRATCH, v.t. [G. kratzen, ritzen, kritzeln; D. kratsen; Sw. kratsa; Dan. kradser; probably from the root of grate, and L. rado. See Class Rd, No. 46, 49, 56, 58, 59.]

  1. To rub and tear the surface of any thing with something sharp or ragged; as, to scratch the cheeks with the nails; to scratch the earth with a rake; to scratch the hands or face by riding or running among briers. A sort of small sand-colored stones, so hard as to scratch glass. – Grew.
  2. To wound slightly.
  3. To rub with the nails. Be mindful, when invention fails, / To scratch your head and bite your nails. – Swift.
  4. To write or draw awkwardly; as, to scratch out a pamphlet. [Not in use.] – Swift.
  5. To dig or excavate with the claws. Some animals scratch holes in which they burrow. To scratch out, to erase; to rub out; to obliterate.

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