Definition for SCURF

SCURF, n. [Sax. scurf; G. schorf; D. schurft; Dan. skurv; Sw. skorf; Ice. skarfa; L. scorbutus. In D. scheuren is to rend or crack, and scheurbuik is scurvy, Dan. skiörbug, from skiör, brittle. In Ir. gearbh is rough. It is named from breaking or roughness.]

  1. A dry miliary scab or mealy crust formed on the skin of an animal.
  2. The soil or foul remains of any thing adherent; as, the scurf of crimes. [Not common nor elegant.] – Dryden.
  3. Any thing adhering to the surface. There stood a hill, whose grisly top / Shone with a glossy scurf. – Milton.

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