Definition for SEARCH-ER

SEARCH-ER, n. [sercher.]

  1. One who searches, explores, or examines, for the purpose of finding something.
  2. A seeker; an inquirer. – Watts.
  3. An examiner; a trier; as, the Searcher of hearts.
  4. An officer in London, appointed to examine the bodies of the dead, and report the cause of their death. – Graunt.
  5. An officer of the customs, whose business is to search and examine ships outward bound, to ascertain whether they have prohibited goods on board, also baggage, goods, &c.
  6. An inspector of leather. [Local.]
  7. In military affairs, an instrument for examining ordnance, to ascertain whether guns have any cavities in them. Encyc.
  8. An instrument used in the inspection of butter, &c. to ascertain the quality of that which is contained in firkins. – Mass.

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