Definition for SE'CRE-CY

SE'CRE-CY, n. [from secret.]

  1. Properly, a state of separation; hence, concealment from the observation of others, or from the notice of any persons not concerned; privacy; a state of being hid from view. When used of an individual, secrecy implies concealment from all others; when used of two or more, it implies concealment from all persons except those concerned. Thus a company of counterfeiters carry on their villainy in secrecy. The lady Anne, / Whom the king hath in secrecy long married. – Shak.
  2. Solitude; retirement; seclusion from the view of others. Milton.
  3. Forbearance of disclosure or discovery. It is not with public as with private prayer; in this, rather secrecy is commanded than outward show. – Hooker.
  4. Fidelity to a secret; the act or habit of keeping secrets. For secrecy no lady closer. – Shak.

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