Definition for SE-QUES-TRA'TION


  1. The act of taking a thing from parties contending for it, and intrusting it to an indifferent person. – Encyc.
  2. In the civil law, the act of the ordinary, disposing of the goods and chattels of one deceased, whose estate no one will meddle with. – Encyc.
  3. The act of taking property from the owner for a time, till the rents, issues and profits satisfy a demand.
  4. The act of seizing the estate of a delinquent for the use of the state.
  5. Separation; retirement; seclusion from society. – South.
  6. State of being separated or set aside. – Shak.
  7. Disunion; disjunction. [Not in use.] – Boyle.

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