Definition for SER'RATE, or SER'RA-TED

SER'RATE, or SER'RA-TED, a. [L. serratus, from serro, to saw; serra, a saw.]

Notched on the edge like a saw. In botany having sharp notches about the edge, pointing toward the extremity; as, a serrate leaf. When a serrate leaf has small serratures upon the large ones, it is said to be doubly serrate, as in the elm. We say also, a serrate calyx, corol or stipule. A serrate-ciliate leaf, is one having fine hairs, like the eye-lashes, on the serratures. A serrate-dentate leaf, has the serratures toothed. A serrulate leaf, is one finely serrate, with very small notches. – Martyn.

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