Definition for SEW

SEW, v.t.1 [pronounced so, and better written soe. Sax. siwian, suwian; Goth. siuyan; Sw. sy; Dan. syer; L. suo. This is probably a contracted word, and if its elements are Sb or Sf, it coincides with the Eth. ሰፈየ shafai, to sew; and the Ar. has إِشْفَي ashafai, an awl. See Class Sb, No. 85, 100. The Minion has siwawa, and the Gipsy siwena. But the elements are not obvious.]

To unite or fasten together with a needle and thread. They sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. – Gen. iii. To sew up, to inclose by sewing; to inclose in any thing sewed. Thou sewest up mine iniquity. – Job xiv. Sew me up the skirts of the gown. – Shak.

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