Definition for SHARE

SHARE, n. [Sax. scear, sceara, from scearan, to shear; W. ysgar, which is a compound.]

  1. A part; A portion; a quantity; as, a small share of prudence or good sense.
  2. A part or portion of a thing owned by a number in common; that part of an undivided interest which belongs to each proprietor; as, a ship owned in ten shares; a Tontine building owned in a hundred shares.
  3. The part of a thing allotted or distributed to each individual of a number; dividend; separate portion. Each heir has received his share of the estate.
  4. A part belonging to one; portion possessed. Nor I without my share of fame. – Dryden.
  5. A part contributed. He bears his share of the burden.
  6. The broad iron or blade of a plow which cuts the ground; or furrow-slice. – Mortimer. To go shares, to partake; to be equally concerned. – L'Estrange.

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