Definition for SHAVE

SHAVE, v.t. [pret. shaved; pp. shaved or shaven. Sax. sceafan, scafan; D. schaaven; G. schaben; Dan. skaver; Sw. skafva.]

  1. To cut or pare off something from the surface of a body by a razor or other edged instrument, by rubbing, scraping or drawing the instrument along the surface; as, to shave the chin and cheeks; to shave the head of its hair. He shall shave his head in the day of his cleansing. – Num. vi.
  2. To shave off, to cut off. Neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard. – Lev. xxi.
  3. To pare close. The bending scythe / Shaves all the surface of the waving green. – Gay.
  4. To cut off thin slices; or to cut in thin slices. – Bacon.
  5. To skim along the surface or near it; to sweep along. He shaves with level wing the deep. – Milton.
  6. To strip; to oppress by extortion; to fleece.
  7. To make smooth by paring or cutting off slices; as, to shave hoops or staves. To shave a note, to purchase it at a great discount; a discount much beyond the legal rate of interest. [A low phrase.]

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