Definition for SHED

SHED, n. [Sax. sced, a shade; Sw. skydd, a defense; skydda, to protect, to defend or shelter; Dan. skytter, id.; skytter, a shooter; skyts, a defense; skyt, a gun; skyder, to shoot; G. schützen, to defend; schütze, a shooter; D. schutten, to defend, to parry or stop; schutter, a shooter. It appears that shed, the noun and verb, and shoot, are from one source, and shade, scud, scath, and several other words, when traced, all terminate in the same radical sense, to thrust, rush or drive.]

  1. A slight building; a covering of timber and boards, &c: for shelter against rain and the inclemencies of weather; a poor house or hovel; as, a horse-shed. The first Aletes born in lowly shed. – Fairfax. Sheds of reeds which summer's heat repel. – Sandys.
  2. In composition, effusion; as in blood-shed. [See the Verb.]

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