Definition for SHORT'EN

SHORT'EN, v.t. [short'n; Sax. scyrtan.]

  1. To make short in measure, extent or time; as, to shorten distance; to shorten a road; to shorten days of calamity. – Matth. xxiv.
  2. To abridge; to lessen; as, to shorten labor or work.
  3. To curtail; as, to shorten the hair by clipping.
  4. To contract; to lessen; to diminish in extent or amount; as, to shorten sail; to shorten an allowance of provisions.
  5. To confine; to restrain. Here where the subject is so fruitful, I am shortened by my chain. – Dryden.
  6. To lop; to deprive. The youth … shortened of his ears. – Dryden.
  7. To make paste short or friable, with butter or lard.

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