Definition for SHRIEK

SHRIEK, v.i. [Dan. skriger; Sw. skrika; G. schreien; D. schreijen; the two latter contracted; W. ysgreçian, from creç, a scream or shriek, also rough, rugged, Eng. to creak, whence screech, and vulgarly screak; hence W. ysgreç, a jay, from its scream; creg, hoarse, crygi, hoarseness, roughness, from the rout of ragged, and L. ruga, wrinkled, rugo, to bray; all from straining, and hence breaking, bursting, cracking; allied to crack and crackle, It. scricchiolare.]

To utter a sharp shrill cry; to scream; as in a sudden fright, in horror or anguish. At this she shriek'd aloud. – Dryden. It was the owl that shriek'd. – Shak.

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