Definition for SHROUD

SHROUD, v.t.

  1. To cover; to shelter from danger or annoyance. Under your beams I will me safely shroud. – Spenser. One of these trees with all its young ones, may shroud four hundred horsemen. – Raleigh.
  2. To dress for the grave; to cover; as a dead body. The ancient Egyptian mummies were shrouded in several folds of linen besmeared with gums. – Bacon.
  3. To cover; to conceal; to hide; as, to be shrouded in darkness. Some tempest rise, / And blow out all the stars that light the skies, / To shroud my shame. – Dryden.
  4. To defend; to protect by hiding. So Venus from prevailing Greeks did shroud / The hope of Rome, and sav'd him in a cloud. – Waller.
  5. To overwhelm; as, to be shrouded in despair.
  6. To lop the branches of a tree. [Unusual or improper.] – Chambers.

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