Definition for SICK

SICK, a. [Sax. seoc; D. zieck; Sw. siuk; Ice. syke. Qu. Gr. σικχος, squeamish, lothing.]

  1. Affected with nausea; inclined to vomit; as, sick at the stomach. [This is probably the sense of the word.] Hence,
  2. Disgusted; having a strong dislike to; with of; to be sick of flattery; to be sick of a country life. He was not so sick of his master as of his work. – L'Estrange.
  3. Affected with disease of any kind; not in health; followed by of; as, to be sick of a fever.
  4. Corrupted. [Not in use nor proper.] – Shak.
  5. The sick, the person or persons affected with disease. The sick are healed.

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