Definition for SKIR-MISH

SKIR-MISH, n. [skur'mish; Fr. escarmouche; It. scaramuccia; Sp. escaramuza; Port. escaramuça; G. scharmützel; D. schermutseling; Sw. skärmytsel; Dan. skiermydsel; W. ysgarm, outcry; ysgarmu, to shout; ysgarmes, a shouting, a skirmish; from garm, a shout. The primary sense is to throw or drive. In some of the languages, skirmish appears to be connected with a word signifying defense; but defense is from driving, repelling.]

  1. A slight fight in war; a light combat by armies at a great distance from each other, or between detachments and small parties.
  2. A contest; a contention. They never meet but there's a skirmish of wit. – Shak.

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