Definition for SOUND

SOUND, v.i.2

  1. To make a noise; to utter a voice; to make an impulse of the air that shall strike the organs of hearing with a particular effect. We say, an instrument sounds well or ill; it sounds shrill; the voice sounds harsh. And first taught speaking trumpets how to sound. – Dryden.
  2. To exhibit by sound or likeness of sound. This relation sounds rather like a fiction than a truth.
  3. To be conveyed in sound; to be spread or published. From you sounded out the word of the Lord. – 1 Thess. i. To sound in damages, in law, is when there is no specific value of property in demand to serve as a rule of damages, as in actions of tort or trespass, as distinguished from actions of debt, &c. Ellsworth.

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