Definition for SPIKE

SPIKE, n.1 [W. yspig, supra; D. spyk, spyker; G. speiche; Dan. spiger, Sw. spik, a nail; L. spica, an ear of corn. It signifies a shoot or point. Class Bg. See Pike.]

  1. A large nail; always in America applied to a nail or pin of metal. A similar thing made of wood is called a peg or pin. In England, it is sometimes used for a sharp point of wood.
  2. An ear of corn or grain. It is applied to the ears of maiz.
  3. A shoot. – Addison.
  4. [L. spica.] In botany, a species of inflorescence, in which sessile flowers are alternate on a common simple peduncle, as lavender, &c. – Martyn.

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