Definition for STAIN

STAIN, v.t. [W. ystaeniaw, to spread over, to stain; ystaenu, to cover with tin; ystaen, that is spread out, or that is sprinkled, a stain, tin, L. stannum; taen, a spread, a sprinkle, a layer; taenu, to spread, expand, sprinkle, or be scattered. This coincides in elements with Gr. τεινω. The French teindre, Sp. teñir, It. tingere, Port. tingir, to stain, are from the L. tingo, Gr. τεγγω, Sax. deagan, Eng. dye; a word formed by different elements. Stain seems to be from the Welsh, and if taen is not a contracted word, it has no connection with the Fr. teindre.]

  1. To discolor by the application of foreign matter; to make foul; to spot; as, to stain the hand with dye; to stain clothes with vegetable juice; to stain paper; armor stained with blood.
  2. To dye; to tinge with a different color; as, to stain cloth.
  3. To impress with figures, in colors different from the ground; as, to stain paper for hangings.
  4. To blot; to soil; to spot with guilt or infamy; to tarnish; to bring reproach on; as, to stain the character. Of honor void, of innocence, of faith of purity, / Our wonted of ornaments now soil'd and stained. – Milton.

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