Definition for STAND

STAND, v.t.

  1. To endure; to sustain; to bear. I can not stand the cold or the heat.
  2. To endure; to resist without yielding or receding. So had I stood the shock of angry fate. – Smith. He stood the furious foe. – Pope.
  3. To await; to suffer; to abide by. Bid him disband the legions … / And stand the judgment of a Roman senate. – Addison. To stand one's ground, to keep the ground or station one has, taken; to maintain one's position; in a literal or figurative sense; as, an army stands its ground, when it is not compelled to retreat. A man stands his ground in an argument, when he is able to maintain it, or is not refuted. To stand it, to bear; to be able to endure; or to maintain one's ground or state; a popular phrase. To stand fire, to receive the fire of arms from an enemy without giving way. To stand trial, is to sustain the trial or examination of a cause; not to give up without trial.

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