Definition for STEER

STEER, v.t. [Sax. steoran, to steer, to correct or chide, to discipline; G. steuern, to hinder, restrain, repress, to curb, to steer, to pilot, to aid, help, support. The verb is connected with or derived from steuer, a rudder, a helm, aid, help, subsidy, impost, tax, contribution. D. stieren, to steer, to send, and stuur, a helm; stuuren, to steer, to send; Dan, styrer, to govern, direct, manage, steer, restrain, moderate, curb, stem, hinder; styre, a helm, rudder or tiller; styr, moderation, a tax or assessment; Sw. styra, to steer, to restrain; styre, a rudder or helm; Arm. stur, id.; Ir. stiuram. We see the radical sense is to strain, variously applied, and this coincides with the root of starch and stark; stiffness being from stretching.]

  1. To direct; to govern; particularly, to direct and govern the course of a ship by the movements of the helm. Hence,
  2. To direct; to guide; to show the way or course to. That with a staff his feeble steps did steer. – Spenser.

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