Definition for STEW

STEW, n.

  1. A hot-house; a bagnio. The Lydians were inhibited by Cyrus to use any armor, and give themselves to baths and slews. – Abbot.
  2. A brothel; a house of prostitution; but generally or always used in the plural, stews. – Bacon. South.
  3. A prostitute. [Not in use.]
  4. [See Stow.] A store pond; a small pond where fish are kept for the table. [Not used.]
  5. Meat stewed; as, a stew of pigeons.
  6. Confusion, as when the air is full of dust. [D. stuiven, to raise a dust; allied to stew, and proving that the primary sense of stew is to drive or agitate, to stir or excite.] [Not in use or local.] – Grose.

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