Definition for STING

STING, v.t. [pret. and pp. stung. Stang is obsolete. Goth. stigcwan; Sax. stingan, styngan, to rush or thrust, hence to sting; G. stechen, to stick, to sting; stachel, a prick, goad, sting; D. stecken, steckel; Dan. stikker, to stick, to sting; sting, a thrust, a stitch, a sting; Sw. sticka. The Dutch has steng, a pole or perch; Sw. stång, id.; and stånga, to push with the horns, to gore. We see that sting is stick altered in orthography and pronunciation.]

  1. To pierce with the sharp pointed instrument with which certain animals are furnished, such as bees, wasps, scorpions and the like. Bees will seldom sting persons unless they are first provoked.
  2. To pain acutely; as, the conscience is slung with remorse. Slander stings the brave. – Pope.

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