Definition for STRETCH


  1. Extension in length or in breadth; reach; as, a great stretch of wings. – Ray.
  2. Effort; struggle; strain. Those put lawful authority upon the stretch to the abuse of power, under color of prerogative. – L'Estrange.
  3. Force of body; straining. By stretch of arms the distant shore to gain. – Dryden.
  4. Utmost extent of meaning. Quotations in their utmost stretch, can signify no more than that Luther lay under severe agonies of mind. – Atterbury.
  5. Utmost reach of power. This is the utmost stretch that nature can. – Granville.
  6. In sailing, a tack; the reach or extent of progress on one tack. – Mar. Dict.
  7. Course; direction; as, the stretch of seams of coal. – Kirwan

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