Definition for SWING

SWING, v.i. [pret. and pp. swung. G. schwingen, to swing, to brandish, to beat with a swingle staff; D. zwingelen, to beat; Sw. svinga; Dan. svinger, to swing, to brandish, to soar. It seems that this is the Sax. swingan, to beat, strike, flagellate, whence to swingle flax. Swing seems to be formed on the root of wag.]

  1. To move to and fro, as a body suspended in the air; wave; to vibrate. I tried if a pendulum would swing faster, or continue swinging longer in our receiver, if exhausted. – Boyle.
  2. To practice swinging; as, a man swings for health or pleasure.
  3. To move or float; also, to turn round an anchor; as, a ship swings with the tide. – Mar. Dict.

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